Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society

Past Events

A number of excursions for society members took place during 2014 and 2015.  Here are some examples.

Visit to Fauld Mine, Fauld, Nr Tutbury,Staffordshire, Saturday 17th May 2014.

A party of eleven Members were taken underground by Noel Worely, a retired Fauld Mine geologist to see where the slabs of the alabaster were taken  from for many of the tombs around the country and in France. He explained the geology of the mine, the historic operations and  the mining of the 19th and 20th Centuries and its continuation to the present day. Some of the party walked later to Draycott Church to see the example of alabaster tombs and then to the crater left by the largest non-nuclear explosion in this country. See the May and Sep 2014 Newsletters for more details.

A further visit was made to the Tower Brewery in Burton, (courtesy of a minibus) on Friday May 23, 2014. The party were shown around the converted water tower by John Mills who explained how he and his father had installed the brewing system in 2001 using the height to feed the system. The products were explained including their strongest beer, the Imperial IPA at 5%. Afterwards the party was able to sample the products in the convivial surroundings of the Tasting Room.

 Visits were arranged to visit the Pugin designed House at Alton Towers and the Churches at Cheadle and Hoar Cross. See the January 2015 Newslettter for details here.

The Society was represented at  the Staffordshire History Day  in 2015 and at Middleton Hall History Fair in June 2015.

Last Season we are pleased that we teamed up  again with Lichfield Arts for another musical event at the Guildhall. This was the Remebrance Day Concert at the Guildhall by Coope, Boyes and Simpson.

 It is hoped that future events will be organised.

Mike Hodder, following his lecture on the Archaeology of Sutton Park,  lead a walk through Sutton Park  on Saturday 3 October, starting from the Town Gate entrance. See the January 2016 for a report on this trip.

On Wednesday 18 November a party from SAHS visited the Newman Coffin Works in Birmingham to see this well known coffin factory dating from the 1960’s when it shut down.