Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society

This page allows you to to:

Pay for Full Membership Subscription or Purchase Associate Membership.

Please email treasurer@sahs.uk.net with you name and details of Payment and what it is for to ensure prompt attention.

The rates for 2016-2017 are:

Individual Membership              £20.00

Joint Membership                     £30.00

Student/Unemployed                £15.00

Associate Membership             £10.00

Full Membership entitles you to attend all our Meetings and access the secure Transactions on our Website together with copies of Transactions as they are published. Please don’t forget to send an Application Form and Gift Aid Declaration with all your contact details as soon as possible.

Associate Membership allows access to the Secure Transactions only. You will be sent the access password by email as soon as your payment has been received.

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